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Best Practice Grey Matter
„Turn business intelligence into location intelligence
Unlock the power of spatial analysis for real-world insights and immersive location experiences“

  • Mark Finch

    Head of Mapping Grey Matter

    • Mark heads up the Mapping Team at Grey Matter where he has worked for over 12 years.

    • He specialises in geospatial platforms, licensing, and all aspects of the project lifecycle.

    • Mark has worked with Microsoft Bing Maps since incubation in 2008, and has been integral in growing the global Bing Maps business in regions outside North America.

  • Gary Cole

    CEO Lumilinks

    • Ten years in technology and a passion for using technology to inform business strategy.

    • With all the hype around AI and ML, Lumilinks breaks down the jargon to simple to use methodologies that can be used in all businesses to great effect.