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Training for Winners - Training Analysis, Tracks and Data

  • Data and sport?
    How do they fit together?

    At #DataWednesday, an exciting joint format with SAP, triathlon star Jan Frodeno shows how to analyse training tracks with different data and turn them into an even more effective training programme. And Frodeno knows how to do it: in addition to Olympic gold, he has spectacularly won the original "Ironman" in Hawaii three times alone.


  • By enriching training tracks with topography or point data, it is possible to see at a glance which training routes are suitable for particularly hot days:  These lead through wooded areas or have supply points such as petrol stations along them.

    Planning running events is also made easier by combining possible routes with the appropriate data: Which routes lead through areas that are particularly popular with the public? This is an important popularity criterion, especially for road races!


  • You can obtain such data from PTV AG, for example, in the form of the Points of Sale database or the DDS Data Grid, as shown on the map. Here, it is not only possible to determine where a route passes through forest or inhabited areas: Statements can also be made about the number of inhabitants in the area passed through or even their living habits.

    It is clear that valuable information can also be generated for any other application, whether marketing or tour planning, with the enrichment of walking or driving routes.


Sneak Peek – Data Analysis Behind the Scenes

  • This video briefly shows how the results of Data Wednesday were determined using SAP's Data Warehouse Builder.



SAP Data Warehouse Cloud x PTV Digital Data Suite – From Training Tracks to the wide range of geo data for better data & analytics

Our guests learned new facts about further application possibilities in this free 45-minute webinar on 25.11.2021 and experienced the fascination of data.